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    Assembly & Gym




    *Make good choices

    *Complete and turn in all assignments

    *Participate in school activities

    *Give your best effort

    *Walk silently  at all times

    *Remain in traveling position at all times

    *Wash your hands with soap and water

    *Be careful when exiting the stalls

    *Use facilities for their intended use

    *Wait in line quietly

    *Put trash in the trash cans

    *Keep the tables and floor clean

    *Stay in your seat

    *No talking unless permitted

    *Walk quietly

    *Sit quietly

    *Use whisper voices when permitted

    *Use appropriate designated websites and computer programs

    *Use whisper voices

    *Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    *Stay in your seat

    *Use appropriate language

    *Enter and exit in an orderly manner

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Stay seated on your bottom in your designated area.

    *Use equipment for intended purpose

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Stay inside the fence

    *Use appropriate language





    *Keep your work area tidy

    *Clean up after yourself

    *Be prepared daily

    *Stay on the right side of the hall

    *Stay off the wall

    *Stay in the second block

    *One person per stall

    *Return to class promptly

    *Clean up after yourself

    *Use trashcans for paper towels

    *Get what you need the first time through the line

    *Keep your area clean

    *Return books on the due date

    *Place materials back where they belong

    *Keep your library pass

    *Keep all equipment at your work area tidy and clean

    *Push your chair in when you are instructed to do so

    *Be on time

    *Keep belongings with you at all times

    *No inappropriate objects items on the bus

    *Stay in a straight line when sitting on your bottoms, and when standing


    *Line up in an orderly manner when directed to do so





    *Be on task

    *Be a good listener


    *Work hard

    *Raise your hand and wait to be called on


    *Walk silently

    *Face forward at all times

    *Watch where you are going

    *Use facilities quickly and quietly

    *Do not get up until you are told to leave the table

    *Walk in an orderly manner

    *Follow proper check in and out procedures

    *Pay attention

    *Follow instructions

    *Listen to all instructions and follow directions

    *Obey your bus driver

    *Use whisper voices

    *Board and exit the bus in an orderly manner

    *Be on your assigned bus at all times

    *Face the presenter(s)

    *Be an attentive listener

    *Line up at the first signal from your teacher



    *Use appropriate language

    *Respect others and their differences

    *Follow directions

    *Demonstrate self control

    *Respect others and their property


    *Respect others’ privacy

    *Knock on the stall door before you enter

    *Use whisper voices

    *Use proper table manners

    *Speak to cafeteria staff respectfully


    *No talking unless permitted

    *Treat others with respect

    *Treat materials with respect


    *Use whisper voices

    *Take care of all equipment

    *Raise your hand if you need assistance

    *Follow the driver’s instructions

    *Respect others’ property

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Enter quietly

    *Be on time to the assembly

    *Applaud when appropriate

    *Remain seated so others can see

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Follow game rules

    *Share equipment

    *Wait your turn

    *Use equipment appropriately