•  Difference Between Mass and Weight Classwork Project 4.1

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    This week you will learn what your mass is and what you weigh on other planets.  Using the scales in the classroom, complete this form.

    1. First go to the scales and weigh yourself on Earth.  Record your weight _________ lbs.
    2. Multiply your weight times .4539 using a calculator.  This is your Mass ________ kg. 
    3. This is the mass of all the molecules in your body in kilograms.
    4. Your molecules, nor the number of your molecules change not matter if you are on Earth, Mars, or floating in outer space.  Your Mass doesn’t change. It’s ________ kg.
    5. Now you need to see what you Weigh on other planets.
    6. Go to the website: “Your Weight on Other Worlds”.  It should be the first choice “Exploritoruim”
    7. Enter your weight and click “Calculate”.
    8. Record what you would Weigh on other worlds.
    9. Pluto _____
    10. Mars _____
    11. Jupiter's Moon IO _____
    12. Mercury _____
    13. Jupiter _____
    14. Venus _____
    15. Jupiter's Moon Callisto _____
    16. Saturn _____
    17. Neptune _____
    18. Jupiter's Moon Ganymede _____
    19. Uranus _____
    20. The Sun (our sun) _____
    21. A white Dwarf Star (sun) _____
    22. Jupiter's Moon Europa _____