• Mission Statement:
    To Educate All Students By Building A Foundation for Learning In An Ever-Changing Global Society!


    The goals of the Public Schools of Robeson County are:

    •  Keep the focus of our system on improved student learning.
    • Strive to constantly improve our system.
    • Bring out the best in people.
    • Maintain positive working relationships with all groups.
    • Involve people appropriately in the decision making process.
    • Engage our parents and community in helping deliver a quality education.
    • Communicate effectively with the system and our community.
    • Honor the diverse backgrounds and needs of the students we serve.
    • Encourage creative, efficient use of our resources to support student learning.
    • Enhance the capacity of the system to constantly improve itself.
    • Ensure that our schools are safe and secure learning and working environments.
    Download a copy of our Strategic Plan