• The past two years have been building years for AZN. We had over 30 members last year and learned a lot about the Asian Culture. The club made origami, watched movies, met at members' houses for meals and travelled to Wilmington to Indochine for a wonderful dining experience!
    October Meeting (10/7/2010)
    This first meeting will be to elect officers for the new year. It will be brief. All members must be in attendance to 80% of Asian Club meetings to be eligible for the field trip in May 2011. Roll will be taken.
    November Meeting (11/4/2010)
    The club will meet at Shogun (old Ryans near Walmart) at 7:00PM. A short meeting will be held, and then, we will have dinner! This meeting will concern our winter holiday festivities. Please come and join us for this delicious outing! Roll will be taken.
    Members present at November Meeting:
    Sweta Patel
    Trey Jackson
    Anna Read
    Taylor Jackson
    Michael Bailey
    Holly Brisson
    Evan Spaulding
    Rachel Jhala
    Lindsey Hunt
    Blake Lawson
    David Britt
    Drew Fanning
    Stephens Watson
    Sarah Watson
    Haleigh Rozier
    Jennings Johnson
    Parth Patel
    Neal Patel
    Kayla Hansen
    Becca Hansen
    Zach Whitley
    Linda Lin
    Will Parker
    (To be continued)