• Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I borrow library books?

    The circulation desk is centrally located to the entrance of the Media Center. You can't miss it. The friendly staff there will be able to help you locate and check out books and other library materials.

    What are my responsibilities when I check out library materials?

    You may check out 2 books at a time, and you get to keep the books for two weeks. You should use your ID card to check out books in the library each time you come to the Media Center. You also agree to take care of library materials so that they will be in good shape for the next user. The circulation staff understands that things happen and are always willing to work with you in case materials are late or are in some way damaged. 

    Where do I return materials?

    You should return library books and materials to the circulation desk. Please make sure that you have not left anything important in the books. You would be surprised at the things we have found inside of returned books!

    How do I find books and other resources?

    The greatest resource for locating books and materials in the Media Center is the staff.  Media coordinators and assistants are available throughout the day to assist you. They can also help you use the on-line catalog Destiny at destiny.robeson.k12.nc.us and other databases available to you in the Media Center. Please feel free to ask questions of the media staff.

    What if a book is not on the shelf or the library doesn't own it?

    If a book is not on the shelf, check with the media center staff. They can tell you if it is checked out or missing. If the book is checked out, a reserve can be placed. When the book comes in you will be notified. Books and other materials can be borrowed from other media centers within our school district through inter-library loan. When books or other materials are requested through inter-library loan, you will be notified when they arrive.

    Does the Library have digital books for checkout?       
                We have eBooks located in Destiny.  Logon to destiny.robeson.k12.nc.us using your school login.
             We also have eBooks located with Sebco Books.
             http://library.esebco.com/site/viewer (Login: LSHS1 Password: pirates)

     Can I check out  videos?

    Videos are available for teachers to check out.

    What programs do you have after school?

    The Media Center is open extended hours on tutorial days for research and remediation programs.

    What about fines?

    General collection books are checked out on a 2-week loan period. Late fines accrue at a rate of 10 cents per day. Reference books are loaned out for overnight use only. Late fines are charged at a rate of 25 cents per day for reference books. Materials may be renewed. Students must pay for lost or damaged materials.

    How much are photocopies?

    Photocopies cost 25 cents per page.

    Can I check out magazines?

    Magazines are available for use in the Media Center. Magazine check outs are available for faculty and staff.

    Does the Library provide any kind of computer training or Internet training?

    Anyone on the media staff will be able to assist in using the computers or Internet.

    Can I place a reserve on materials?

    Materials can be placed on reserve. Just see the media center staff to put in a request for the materials you would like reserved.

    Are printers available for use?

    A laser printer is located at the circulation desk. Each page costs 10 cents for text and 25 cents for pictures/graphics. A color printer is also available for an additional cost. You must see the media center staff to print in color.

    Does Lumberton High School have an Internet Access Policy?

    Yes, in order to access the Internet independently, students must have the Public Schools of Robeson County Internet Permission Form on file. The library has a list of students who have permission to use the Internet. Students should check with the media staff before accessing the Internet.

    What are the policies and procedures in the Lumberton High School Media Center? 

    The Media Center is open from 8:00 AM until 3:15 PM except on tutorial days. Print and electronic resources are valuable assets for class assignments and independent learning. We encourage students and staff to inform us of their educational needs and suggestions so that we may better serve our patrons. We are integral to learning at Lumberton High and look forward to being an important part of your successful high school experience.

    Individuals or small groups coming to the library must have a pass signed by their teacher. A pass is to be presented to and initialed by one of the media coordinators.