• The student will pretend they are starting a new business and will be producing a good or service. The business can be in competition with other companies or be a new creation. Students will explain how they will produce their product by the following.
    1. Explain your product and name of business.
    2. Capital and capital goods.  @ How much money do you need to start?  Where will you get your money?  (Banks, savings, inherit, ect.)  B. Building _ Will You build, buy, or lease? Why?
        C. Describe the tools and machines that you will need to produce your product.
    3. Land and Resources.  Where will you get the land?  What resources will you
        need?  Ex. water, energy, ect.
    4. Management.  What type of organization of management will you use and why?
    5. Labor.  How many workers will you need? Shifts?  Explain your Division of Labor.
        How much will each job pay?
    6. Price.  What will be your price for your product?  How did you make that 
    7.  Are you going to be a wholesaler or retailer?
    8.  Marketing.  @ Identify your main target consumer?  Age, gender, ect.
                           B. What kinds of advertisements will you use? (T.V., newspapers,
                                radio, internet.)  What times will you run ads/ commercials
                                What type of programs will you advertise around?
                            C.  Using at least 2 propaganda  techniques  illustrate  2 ads
                                  or commercials that you would use.