• Occupational Prep IV

    This course gives the students the opportunity to synthesize all the skills acquired in previous Occupational Preparation courses and apply them in their personal career choice.   This course allows student to solve work-related problems experienced in competitive employment, practice self-advocacy skills and master the theoretical and practical aspects of their career choice. Students finish completing the 360 hours of integrated competitive employment in a community setting required for successful completion of the Occupational Course of Study. Students also will develop a job placement portfolio that provides an  educational and vocational record of their high school experience.

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    Occupational Prep III/Community-Based

    Thiscourse is designed to allow students to continue the development and begin theapplication of skills learned in Occupational Preparation I and II. Work-basedlearning activities are provided including community-based training, jobshadowing, job sampling, internships, situational assessment, cooperative education, and apprenticeships. These work-based activities allow students toapply employability skills to competitive employment settings and demonstratethe effectiveness of their work personality. Multiple opportunities forleadership development and self-determination are provided.


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