• Occupational Prep IV  Syllabus

    Delilah Walters

    Phone:  (910)671-6050


    This course gives the students the opportunity to synthesize all the skills acquired in previous Occupational Preparation courses and apply them to their personal career choice.   This course allows students to solve work-related problems experienced in competitive employment, practice self-advocacy skills and master the theoretical and practical aspects of their career choice.  Students finish completing the 360 hours of integrated competitive employment in a community setting required for successful completion of the Occupational Course of Study.  Students also will develop a job placement portfolio that provides an educational and vocational record of record of their school experience.

    v  360 hours paid employment  or volunteer services  (student must have a public job where they receive a paycheck-must bring check stubs showing employment or documentation of volunteer services)

    v  Basic course requirements – 28 units which include 4 Workforce Development Classes



    I believe in you.

    I will do all I can to help you.

    I will help you do your best at everything we attempt in this class.

    I EXPECT YOU to do your best and follow all school rules.

    Have pride in yourself and in everything you do.



    1)      The learner will exhibit the self-determination skills needed to participate in transition planning and successful adjustment to adult life.

    2)      The learner will actively participate in career development activities (e.g. awareness, exploration, and planning) to determine a career goal.

    3)      The learner will exhibit job-seeking skill necessary to secure employment in chosen career pathway.

    4)      The learner will exhibit the work behaviors, habits, and skills in the area of personal management needed to obtain, maintain, and advance in chosen career pathway.

    5)      The learner will exhibit the work behaviors, habits, and skills in the area of job performance needed to obtain, maintain, and advance in career pathway.

    6)      The learner will exhibit the interpersonal relationship skills needed for success in the workplace.
    7)    The learner will complete 360 hours of successful competitive employment by graduation.



    1)  Be prepared                                                                                                 

    2)  Be in class daily ON TIME                                                                      

    3)  No Cell Phones                                                                                            

    4)  Stay on task                                                                                                 

    5)  Respect yourself and others                                                                      

    6)  No profanity or vulgar language    
    3-ring binder
    Loose notebook paper
    1 black ink pen
    Starter                                                      5%
    Classwork/Homework                          25%
    Tests/Notebook                                    30%
    Portfolio                                               40%
     A (93-100)  
     C (77-84)  
     D (76-70) 
     F(0-69)  (Unacceptable)       
       **Students will be allowed to make up any missed assignments.  Any work turned in late will have a penalty grade of no more than 75/D if ample time was given to complete the assignment.  This does not apply to missed work due to excused absences.


    NOTEBOOK GUIDELINES    NAME: ______________

    All students are required to keep a notebook.  This notebook needs to be a 3-RING BINDER.


    The notebook will be housed in the classroom and checked at least every 4 ½ weeks (2 times each 9-weeks).  Each notebook check will count as 2 quiz grades.


    1)      SYLABUS   (5 points)

    Should be the first sheet seen when the notebook is opened.


    2)      NOTEBOOK GUIDELINES  (5 points)

    Should be behind the syllabus


    3)      FIVE SECTIONS  (50 POINTS)

    Divide notebook into the following 5 sections:

    v Tab I Starters

    v Tab 2 Class work

    v Tab 3  Homework

    v Tab 4 Tests

    v Tab 5 Extra Credit

    v Tab 6 Notes



    v Keep all entries in order of assignments

    v Date everything

    v Label work appropriately

    v Should be overall neat


    5)      SPOT CHECK

    Randomly selected by the teacher.  To ensure full point value, keep everything in your notebook as outlined above.



    1st Progress Report Check

    1st Report Card Check


    2nd Progress Report Card

    2nd Report Card Check



    Syllabus  (5)










    NB Guidelines  (5)










    6 Sections (50)










    Organization (20)










    Spot Check (20)










    Total  (100)