• Local Education Agency (LEA) Technology Plan

    Policy, Procedure, & Guidelines Implementation Chart



    A.     Materials Selection Policy (GS §115c-98(b))

    B.     Disposal of Equipment / Replacement of Obsolete Equipment (GS §115c-518)

    C.    Hardware and Software Procurement (GS § 115c-522, 115c-522.1)

    D.    Copyright Policy (PL §94-553, 90 Stat. 2541)

    E.     Acceptable Use Policy (PL §106-554)

    F.     Equipment/Materials Donation Policy (GS §115C-518

    G.    Data Privacy Policy (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99 (FERPA))

    H.     Inventory Control Policy (GS §115c-539, 115c-102.6A-C(5))

    I.         Access to Services Policy (GS §115c-106)

    J.      Student Discipline and Liability Policy  (GS § 115C-391, 115C-398)

    K.     Remote Access Policy (GS §147-33.111)

    L.      Virus Protection Policy (GS §147-33.111)

    M.    NC WISE ID and Password Workstation Policy (GS § 147-33.111)

    N.     Security Awareness Policy (GS §147-33.111)

    O.    Network Security Policy (SBE EEO-C-018, SB 991, 2004)

    P.     Advertising and Commercialism Policy (GS §115c-98)



    A.     Hardware and Software Deployment

    B.     Equipment maintenance and repairs

    C.    Outdated Resources and Equipment Replacement

    D.    Disaster Recovery of Data and Hardware

    E.     Administration of Online Courses



    A.     Policy Translation

    B.     Web Site Development

    C.    Instructional Use of Videos

    D.    Development of Online Resources


Last Modified on July 12, 2006