Lumberton High School
    Department Chairpersons
    Thomas Sweeney - English Department
    Christina Edwards - Math Department
    Rachel Diehl - Physical Education Department
    Charlotte Lowery - Science Department
    Delilah Walters - Exceptional Children Department
    Glenda Lee - Social Studies Department
    Lydia Locklear - Media Services
    Lee Pittman - Career-Technical Education Department
    Gregory Williamson - JROTC
    Teresa Davis - Cultural Arts Department
    Alex Iturra- Foreign Language Department
    Nichole Hunt - Guidance Services


    Responsibilities and Duties:


    1. Establish a budget for the department, in cooperation with the Principal.
    2. Help develop school and departmental goals and objectives, and departmental yearly in-service plan.
    3. Preside over department meetings, which shall be held at least once a month. Minutes of this meeting will be submitted to the Principal.
    4. Appoint a departmental secretary.
    5. Report to the Principal concerns of the department.
    6. Disseminate materials and information to the departmental members.
    7. Represent the school at various meetings when the department is involved.
    8. Evaluate lesson plans periodically and random observations of classes.