• Tucker and Benson
    Ms. Brooke Britt English IV 
      EMAIL:  brooke.britt@robeson.k12.nc.us
      Phone: (910) 671-6050
    Students, You are to have the assignments listed below completed and emailed to me NO LATER than SUNDAY, MARCH 27. All assignments should be answered on one document and submitted through ONE email only. I will not grade work that has been submitted through multiple emails. CALL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS @ (910) 734-0885. 
    1. Go to Shakespeare's Sonnets and Assignments
    2. Read and answer questions for Sonnets 29, 71, 73, and 130
    3. Answer all questions on one document
    4. Email answers to brooke.britt@robeson.k12.nc.us with the subject "Sonnets"
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