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    Darlene Pittman

    Microsoft Academy

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    Grades 9-12


    Name: Darlene Pittman
    Email Address: darlene.pittman@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Phone number: 910-671-6050

    I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome you to my class!
    A good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between
    parent, child and teacher. My expectations for conduct and
    standards for academic growth are high. With your participation
    in and out of the classroom we can look forward to a productive,
    creative and fun year. This is my tenth year teaching computer
    at LHS. I live in Lumberton. Please join me in making this
    school year the best!

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    Microsoft Academy (Word, PowerPoint,Publisher)

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    Microsoft Academy (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher)

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