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    Mary F. Smith
    Math 3 and Discrete Math
    School Phone Number:910-671-6050

     opening statement

    Image created by Mary Smith using Pixabay(CCO Public Domain) and Google Docs.

    Whatever your difficulties in mathematics, I can assure you mine are far greater” 
    Albert Einstein
    Welcome to the home page of Mary F. Smith.  I am a graduate of Campbell University.  I was previously an Industrial Engineer with West Point Pepperell/Alamac Knits for 21 years.  I am very proud to have taught 19 years at Lumberton High.
    I have begun using MDC (Mathematical Design Collaborative) teaching methods from SREB (Southern Regional Education Board) in my class and are seeing tremendous results with the students.  I am presently in a Math Leadership Cadre with Sandhills Regional Constorium in conjunction with Meredith College. 
    The students are engaged, team working, thinking and most of all taking ownership of their learning.  My students are teaching each other with guidance from myself as the teacher.  I have never been as excited to see my students work in the classroom.  The students read, reason, write and model all with a purpose.
    We will be using Demos to graph and solve a major part of the Math 3 EOC which the students can use on the exam.  If you should have any concerns please click on the following link Desmos.



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