Andrea Pinnock



     Course Syllabus 2018


    Planning Period: 1:30 -3:14 (4th Period)

    Hours Available for calls:  Phone messages may be left at anytime, however email is preferred

    Office Phone: (910) 802-0910                     e-mail: andrea.powers-pinnoc@robeson.k12.nc.us   

    Google Classroom Website: https://classroom.google.com 



    Guidelines for Classroom Management


    At all times Students will:

    1.     Be Respectful – to yourself, your classmates, your teacher and your classroom

    2.     Be Responsible – come to class on time and prepared for the day

    3.     Be the Best they can Be – Work Hard – give your best everyday, all day

    4.     Bathroom Policy – each student will have three labels with their name on them.  These labels will be placed on a pass to use the bathroom.  Once their labels are gone, the student will no longer be allowed to use the bathroom, unless there is an emergency or notification from the parent or school nurse.


    1. Warning and Teacher/Student Conference
    2. Parent Contact (Phone Call or Email)
    3. Written up / Referral  and sent to Administrator


    1. Warm-Up
      1. Students are required to complete Bellwork daily immediately upon entering the classroom.  Students will be given sufficient time to complete their bellwork, after which an alarm will sound. 
      2. Warm-ups will be kept in their English II Notebook (spiral notebook) which will be checked periodically.
    2. Class notes
      1. Students are expected to take notes during class time.  While handouts will be given to students, they are expected to have paper on which to take notes everyday.
    3. Class work
      1. Class work will be completed either individually or as a group, depending on the content covered.
      2. Class work is for your benefit and will be checked for completion.
      3. Class work is collected and graded for accuracy at the teacher’s discretion.
    4. Homework
      1. There is homework most nights with more extensive assignments given over the weekend.
      2. Avoid the pitfall of completing homework for just a grade.  Use it as an opportunity to prepare for class, review concepts covered in class, and identify “holes” in your comprehension of material. 
    5. Substitute’s Work
      1. Class work given to students by substitutes will be collected, graded, and counted as a classwork or test grade.

         6. Test and Quizzes

      1. Tests are always announced at least one week in advance.  However students should be prepared for pop quizzes at anytime.  Students must study daily and always be prepared.
      2. Students will be given a tracking sheet on which to keep track of their test scores.  This sheet is be expected to be initialed by a parent/guardian.
    1. Projects
      1. Students will be assigned at least 1 project every quarter.  Projects are a great way to show understanding of a particular subject matter and should be taken seriously.  Projects count as an assessment grade and can influence final grades.  Some projects may involve students uploading the assignment to my class website.
    2. Tardiness
      1. Tardiness is unacceptable.
      2. My classroom door will be closed with the ringing of the late bell. 
      3. School policy will be enforced for persons who are tardy to class.
    1. Absences
      1. It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed assignments.
      2. Any missed assignments will be placed in box designated for the class period. Upon their return, students are expected to check that location to find missed assignments and ask Ms. Pinnock or review the  worksheets or other materials.
    2. Grades
      1. Grades are earned not given.
      2. There is no curve.
      3. I do not round up grades.
      4. There are no credit assignments. 


    1. To come to class everyday, on time, and prepared
    2. To complete the assigned work to the best of your ability.
    3. To follow school and classroom rules.
    4. Never say, “I can’t,” always try.
    5. To seek help when needed.


    1. To be fair.
    2. To be patient.
    3. To be understanding.
    4. To be available when needed for extra work, as much as possible.
    5. To work with you, not against you.
    6. To make this class interesting and engaging.
    7. To work to my best ability so I may provide a premium education.


    Once again, welcome to Ms. Pinnock's Creative Writing classroom.  Let’s work together to make this the best semester ever! 

    If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference, or volunteer to help out, you can contact me via email: andrea.powers-pinnoc@robeson.k12.nc.us. I will do my best to return the correspondence within the week in which it was initiated.