• Welcome to East Robeson Physical Education

    Let's Get Up and Moving! 

    During the school year we do  many fun activities that arrange from jumping rope, hula hoops, beanbag play, group games, and many other fun ideas. 
    • Kindergarten will emphasize mostly on learning locomotor and nonlocomotor skills.  Some of these are: running, jumping, skipping, hopping, sliding, galloping, twisting, turning and many more.  We will also develop a movement control for safe participation.


    • First Grade students will utilize non-locomotor, locomotor, and combination skills to demonstrate pathways and levels.  We will also learn skills for throwing, catching, and striking.
    • Second grade students will demonstrate a mature form of skipping, hopping, galloping, and sliding. We will also use manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, striking, and trapping while stationary and to a partner.
    • Third grade students will demonstrate the skills of throwing, catching, striking, or trapping. They will also perform a variety of jump rope skills.

      Students will also learn how to be safe while doing all activities. 




      Here is an interactive website for students and parents with the latest on nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle.   http://www.choosemyplate.gov/