• Parkton Elementary uses the Accelerated Reader Program to supplement and enrich our reading series. In the AR program, students read books that are written within their reading level. When a student finishes reading a book, he/she takes a quiz on that book using a computer. The student is awarded points based on the number of questions that were answered correctly and the length of the book.

    What is AR?

    • Computer-based reading comprehension assessment tool
    • Motivational tool
    • Books are leveled based on text difficulty and readability
    • Books are given point values based on length and difficulty

    How will it help students become better readers?

    • Increased time reading in and out of class
    • Accountability for comprehension
    • Increases fluency
    • Students are choosing to read at lunch, recess, home

    AR Terms

    • ZPD – Zone of Proximal Development. Reading within this level should promote growth. Not too easy, which would be boring and not too hard, which would be frustrating.
    • IRL – Instructional reading level. Students can read words and text at 80% accuracy.
    • Grade Equivalent – Compares how student’s test performance compares with that of other students nationally.
    • Goals – based on ZPD and GE.
    • Quiz –  Students must score 60% to pass a 5 – 10 question test.  A 70% score is required to pass a 20 question test.


    • AR prizes are based on individual point goals
    • All-star Bulletin board