• Parkton School
    Community Involvement

    Parkton School belongs to a learning community that cares about others, producing good citizens, and participating in community projects.

    Athletic Booster Club

      Parent Volunteer Program

      Advisory Committee

      Parent Teacher Association

      Sponsors In Education


    Parent Teacher Association

    Our  PTA  is dedicated in making Parkton School the best it can be!

     With the PTA, efforts have been made to. . . . .

      Purchase and Install New Playground Structures

      Purchase and Install Campus Directional Signs

      Purchase Color Printers For Classrooms

    Each year, PTA sponsors OctoberFest and  several fundraisers throughout the school year.
    Teachers and Teacher Assistants receive special recognition by the PTA during Teacher Appreciation Week.


    Athletic Booster Club

    The Booster Club sponsors dances for students and  supports the Athletic Department with donations of sports equipment for the basketball and baseball programs. The efforts of our dedicated Booster Club members are greatly appreciated by the students and the Athletic Department of Parkton School.

    Parent Volunteer Program

     We  Need . . .

       More Parental Involvement In School Functions

      More Parental Volunteers For The Booster Club

      More Parental Involvement In Reading Programs

    If you are interested in volunteer work at Parkton School, please contact our volunteer coordinator at