Hello Pembroke Elementary Family

    Summer break is here. I have missed our art classes. I hope and pray I will see you in August. To my fifth graders: I will miss you and am sad we couldn't finish the school year together. If you see me in years to come please stop and speak, I always love talking to my former students. 

    We have finished the school year. Our lesson this week is be creative in everything you do. Use your imagination in your art, in your games and in play. Our imagination makes us smarter each and everyday. Every inventor was an artist first because they thought with their imagination to create what we use and see today. 





    artist: you, someone who uses their imagination.



    The Bumblebees are opening up their imaginations and enjoying the arts.
    Dana Dial, Visual Art 
    910-521-4204 (7:30-3:30) 
     Pembroke Elementary Students are the best.
    Open your imagination and let the creating begin.
    Remember when you use your brain you create more brain power.