•  Welcome to Second Grade!

    2017-18  school year
    Teacher: Mrs. Melissa Carter
    Teacher assistants: Mrs. Natasha
    The second  grade year is a magical one! Your child
    will blossom into a more confident reader, writer
    and mathematician! Of course, each child will progress
    at an individual rate, but success is measured not by
    where they finish, but by how far they've come! 
          The second grade year is also one of transition
    to the more formal learning environment. Children will
    still have many opportunities to work and play in
    hands-on activities, but will also be involved in
    independent tasks as well. 
          I hope that we can work as a team to assist your
    child in having a very successful year. The best way
    to achieve this is to have great communication.
    Feel free to call me at (910)521-4204,
    speak with me if you need my personal phone number.

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