• The Best Squad on Campus

    Coaches: Ms. Shenika Moore 

    Cheerleaders are the energy and spirit of the school. They serve as role models, both on campus and off campus as they travel with the Athletic Department.  At all times cheerleaders must exhibit good sportsmanship and conduct.  Always be respectful.  Members of the squad are expected to:

    ·   Have current physical form completed and on file with Squad
    Coach, Ms. Shenika Moore, 

    ·   Provide cheerleading coach with emergency contact information.

    ·   Follow all County and State regulations regarding participation on the squad.

    ·   No pass- No play -  Academic grades are priority!  Students must maintain
    a high GPA average.  Students are allow two "C" during the course of a
    semester reporting period.

    ·   Attend all practices and games are a top priority of being a cheerleader.

    ·   Arrive to all functions on time with appropriate attire, and materials.

    ·   Have timely transportation arrangements after practices, games, and/or events.

    Mr.   Jonathan Blue, Principal
    Mrs. Yvonne Chavis-Locklear, Assistant Principal
    Ms. Shenika Moore, Coach
    Ms. Ashley Locklear, Coach
Last Modified on February 3, 2015