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    first began as a log building, built by the community in 1876.  The school served as a place of worship and education for the American Indian people.  Rev. WL Moore was the inspiration for this beginning.  Records indicate that in Smith Township, there were two American Indian schools - Old Prospect and White Oaks. 
    Later, four additional schools were created - Hickory Grove, China Grove, Purcell, and Biddy.  These schools eventually merged to create Prospect School.  In the early 1900's, a two story building was built to replace the original structure.  At this time, there was a separation of church and school.  Students from grades one through seventh attended the school.  In 1923 and 1924, the main building was built to provide needed room for the growing population of students.  Prospect High School was erected in 1928.
    In 1926-1945, Prospect School consisted of grades 1-11 until 1945, at that point, 12th grade was added.  During the years that followed a new gymnasium and cafeteria was built.  Other milestones were the additions of kindergarten in 1969, Pre-K in 1992, and a new Media Center in 1980.  In 1983, West Robeson was built to merge three existing high schools:  Prospect, Pembroke, and Maxton.  Prospect then became a Pre-K-8 school.  In 2001, the school population increased with the addition of fifteen classrooms, administrative office complex, and two computer labs.
    Today, Prospect School serves 942 students in grades Pre-K-8 grade.  The school overall consist of Native American, White, African American, Multi-racial, and Hispanic students.  Over 98% of the students who enter kindergarten remain here through the 8th grade.  There are approximately seventy teachers which provides services through guidance, social work, speech, physical education, visual arts, peer-mediation, youth development specialist, and resource officers.

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