•                         Rex-Rennert Elementary School


         Rex-Rennert Elementary School is located in a rural northeastern section of Robeson County approximately four miles between the townships of Rennert and Rex, North Carolina.  The school was established in 1961, and was named for the two existing communities.  The original school consisted of one main building, which housed eight classrooms, a library, office, cafeteria, teacher’s lounge and two restrooms.


         The community surrounding the school grew and so did the need for a larger and more comprehensive educational structure.  In 1964, two primary classrooms were added to the main building.  Between the mid-1960 and 1980, six mobile classrooms were added.  Then in 1979, a brick gymnasium/auditorium was constructed for use by the school and the community.  In 1988-89, the main building underwent major renovations:  ceilings were lowered, walls were reconstructed, air conditioners were installed in all classrooms, and carpeting was added to several primary classrooms.  Today, this building houses ten classrooms, in addition to the cafeteria, faculty lounge, storage room, janitor’s room, guidance counselor’s office and two restrooms.


         A modern brick building of 7,500 square feet was constructed in 1990, which added six permanent classrooms and a media center.  Two of the permanent classrooms house our computer lab and LearnStar lab, while the other four are being used for 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.


         Due to the school’s continuous growth, a new building was constructed in 1999-2002, which has six permanent classrooms.  A covered sidewalk connects the buildings together.  The new building houses grades Pre-K and Second Grade.


         Over the past three years, population growth in the surrounding communities has impacted the enrollment at Rex-Rennert Elementary School.  We presently serve 485 students, which is an increase of 80 students from three years ago.  The Hispanic population is increasing yearly.


         There are four mobile units on the school grounds.  One trailer is used for Music and A 3rd grade class.  The other trailer's is used for Third Grade class rooms and  for Fourth Grade.  


         Since 1995, a number of improvements have been made to the facility and grounds.  Beautification improvements include the addition of flowerbeds, shrubbery, and other plants.  Twice a year, the school has a beautification day on Saturdays for parents, students, teachers, and the community to come out to beautify the school grounds.  The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) purchased a chain fence to surround the playground in the spring of 2007. In the Spring of 2017 the (PTO) purchased new playground.
Last Modified on February 26, 2018