Multi-Hazard Crisis Plan
    Rowland-Norment's Administration reviews and updates the Crisis Plan before the start of each school year.  It includes emergency contact numbers, drills used to alarm staff and students of various crises, campus emergency assignments, and detailed maps of exit routes for the school.  The staff collectively reviews this plan along with the principal each year.  Several drills are practiced throughout the year in order to prepare for such emergencies.  A copy can be found in the office or in any classroom in the school. 
    School Bus Conducts and Safety
    A school bus safety letter is sent home to each child at the start of a new school year.  It includes proper conduct of students, safety rules, and standards for which a student's bus privileges might be taken away.  Parents are asked to read this letter and sign a copy to be returned to the school. 
    Fire Safety
    The Lumberton Police Department performed demonstrations and gave a presentation to all of our students on Fire Safety.