About Me

  • Ms. Christina Wilkins

    Social Studies Teacher

     Christina Wilkins
    I taught at SRHS for 18 years. I graduated from UNC-P with a B.A. in History, then decided to become a teacher so continued at UNCP to receive my teaching license. I earned a Master's from Lesley University in Technology in Education. I enjoy reading and traveling. I am been to many wonderful countries, with many more places I hope to visit.

Schedule and Contact Information

  •   2019-20 Schedule

    1st block-American History I
    2nd block-American History I
    3rd block-Psychology
    4th  block-Planning
    Parents and Students may use Power School in Home Base to access all grades. I make every effort to keep grades as current as possible. You can contact me at:
       school number-910-628-6727

Rules and Expectations

  • Instructional Philosophy

    Our social studies department believes that a balanced program of social sciences is basic and necessary to all learning.  Students will be expected to meet all of the course goals and work to the best of their ability.  The instruction will be a combination of lecture, individual and group projects, research projects, presentations, analyzing primary and secondary resources, conducting historical inquiry and other activities.


    Rules and Expectations
    1.    Follow all school rules and policies, including no electronic devices.

    2.     Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself, this means affectionately or violently.

    3.     Be prepared for class every day.

    4.     Obscenities are to be left outside classroom.

    5.    Cheating will result in a grade of a zero for that assignment.