• Hello,
    My name is Boyce Maynor. I am the 6th Grade Math teacher at Union Chapel Elementary School. I am a lifelong resident of Pembroke, NC. I attended Pembroke Elementary, Pembroke Senior High School and Pembroke State University in 1973 (UNC-P) I have a major in Mathematics and a minor in Chemistry. After working at LOF Glass for 27 years, I had the opportunity to participate in the NCTeach II program to become a certified Middle grades teacher. I am married to Lena S. Maynor, who retired from the Public Schools of Robeson County after teaching for 43 years. My son Michael is a Digital Media teacher at The Career Center.
     If you need a Parent-Teacher conference with me, I will be happy to schedule you at any of these times or after school hours.
    Resources Monday,Tuesday, Thursday 10:45- 11:25
     Media Center Friday 1:20-2:00