• Robeson County School District

    Complaints & Grievances

    It is the policy of the Board of Education for the Robeson County Public Schools that all students, parents and guardians shall have the right to present for solution any problem arising from their status as students, or as parents and guardians, and shall be encouraged to exercise this right without fear of recrimination.  It is for this purpose that this grievance procedure is established.  To ensure that any problem is corrected as soon as possible, time limits have been established to ensure prompt attention to each problem.  If a student, parent or guardian does not process the grievance within the time limits, it shall be considered settled and not open to appeal. 

    To read the entire complaints and grievance policy, please select the following link:

    Complaints & Grievances Policy

    Complaints & Grievances Policy approved by the Public Schools of Robeson County, November 17, 2008.