Shantonia Chavis-Bullard
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    1st Period- Mixed Art Levels
    2nd Period- Planning
    3rd - Mixed Art Levels
    4th Period- Mixed Art Levels
     Click here for a great video by Phil Hansen about "What is Art?"
    As a subject area "art" is part of the humanities and about 10% of the population is engaged in what we do as practitioners or viewers. About 10% of the population goes to a museum or gallery. If we say "art and design" we capture about 90% of the population because almost everyone seeks good design in the clothing they wear, cars they drive, etc..

    As a skill area "visual communication" makes up almost half of the ways we communicate. We have "reading" and "writing" which is the use of words; mathematics which is the use of numbers; music/speech/etc. which is the use of sounds; physical education/dance/etc. which is the use of movement; and art and design which is the use of images, objects, places, and experiences. So art and design employ almost half of the tools the human brain uses to perceive, think and communicate. That's why there is a whole lobe of the brain for visualization.

    As "art" we are a "special". As "visual communication" we are a core skill.
    ....source... quoted from Art Ed. 2.0