Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at East Robeson Primary


    Be Caring, Be A Thinker, Be Safe

    How can parents be involved?

    • Support a positive school climate.
    • Volunteer in school activities.
    • Celebrate your child's successes.
    • Recognize and reinforce positive behaviors in your children at home.
    • Become familiar with your child's school behavioral expectations and incentive programs at school.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION:  http://www.pbis.org



     Strategies for Returning to School After a Break

    Strategies for Returning to School after a Break provides tips to help make the transition from break back to school easier.


     Encouraging Reading

    Includes six fun ways to encourage reading throughout the day.

    Strategies for Helping Children Communicate in Stressful Situations

    Ideas for teaching children to use appropriate words and actions in difficult situations.