Update March 31,2020
    Attention!!!! Dear Parents and Students, assignments will be posted daily in google classroom.  The link below will help parents better understand google classroom.  Just click on the words, Google Classroom for Parents!!!  I will keep my page with updates and helpful info. as I get it.  Thanks for your cooperation and continue to be patient.
    Adaptations The science material in the packet and in google classroom is the remaining content we had for the year; which is biological evolution.  The materials given will have reading info., questions, and word list.  The meaning for the words under the biological evolution heading on the word list can be found in the Coach Book Lesson copies.
    Stephanie McGirt, M.A.T
    8th Grade Science
    Pembroke Middle School
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    Phone:  910-522-5013
    Planning Time:  5th Period (1:40-3:00) 
    To all my students.......stay at home, keep working, and make good choices!  I miss you all...