•  Purnell Swett High School ACT/SAT Preparation



    Our mission at Purnell Swett High School is for every student to graduate ready - for college, for work, and for life.


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    Welcome to Purnell Swett High School 2017-18 academic school year.  It looks to be a fantastic semester full of exciting opportunities for our students.  Working with Purnell Swett's exclusive ACT/SAT Prep team is among one of the opportunities that our school is offering to prepare students for college.


    The state of North Carolina has a testing program in place that mandates that ALL North Carolina students in the 11th grade will be administered the ACT test in the Spring of 2018.  This will measure college preparation standards for each student.  During your students 10th grade year, they took the PLAN.  This test gives a predictor score for their success on the ACT that will be administered in the Spring.  For college admission purposes, in general, our students need to have a composite score of 22 or above for University admission and 18 or above for Vocational College admission.  Elite universities, such as Chapel Hill and Duke, require students to have a composite score above 30.  The ACT preparation course was established to facilitate the development of test taking skills for not only success on the ACT, but also the SAT that students who are college bound will take in their 12th grade year.


    This class is comprised of five major components that focus on a review of the basics and tricks for standardized test taking:  Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, and Science.  Science and Reading will incorporate and review testing skills.  English and Math will review and practice in-depth basic skills.  Your student will rotate between four teachers to review basic and advanced test taking strategies for the ACT and SAT.  


    D. Aringe - Reading - Mobile 1 

    M. Chamberlain - Math - Room 204B

    N. Booth - Science - Room 502

    D. Scott - English and Writing - Room 405 


    These instructors will work on a personal basis with your student to ensure they achieve their best possible score on not only the ACT, but also the SAT.  Through data derived by pretesting, drills, and mirror exams, you and your students will be able to focus on weak areas in preparing for college entrance exams.


    Grading Criteria - Nine Weeks Grade


    25% - Math

    25% - Science

    25% - English

    25% - Reading


    Semester Average 


    75% - Average of both Nine Weeks 

    25% - Final Exam is a Practice Test which will be averaged into the final grade 


    Sincerely yours,


    ACT Preparation Team