Classrooms/ Media









    -Use positive language and actions.

    -Speak in a pleasant tone/use your indoor voice

    -Participate in a positive way

    -Role model

    -Use inside  voice

    -Use bathroom equipment appropriately

    -Role model

    -Say please and thank you


    -Use appropriate language


    -Role model


    -Use positive language at all times


    -Use inside voices


    -Stay seated in your assigned seat


    -Role model

    -Greet others


    -Role model


    -Use appropriate language




    -Use positive language and actions


    -Role model


    -Show active listening

    -Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    -Don’t talk when others are talking

    -Accept consequences without arguing or complaining

    -Keep hands and feet to yourself

    -Be polite and respect privacy

    -Flush toilet after use


    -Wait quietly in line


    -Follow directions from staff members


    -Use indoor voice


    -Wait for your teacher before lining up to leave

    -Keep hands and feet to yourself


    -No eating on the bus


    -Respect bus driver at all times

    -Keep hands and feet to yourself


    -Use indoor voice


    -Remember to say excuse me

    -Treat others the way you want to be treated


    -Follow directions


    -Take any trash to the trash can


    -Study daily

    -Raise hand to be recognized

    -Participate in class

    -Help others when needed

    -Place all trash and used paper towels in trashcan


    -Wash hands

    -Clean your area


    -Get all utensils for your food before taking your seat


    -Remain in your assigned area


     -Follow directions the first time given


    -Share your seat


    -Make sure you have your belongings when you exit

    -Model good behavior


    -Follow traffic pattern


    -Be in the door and seated when the bell rings

    -Line up when your teacher requests


    -Take turns with others


    -Problem solve

    -Be prepared to learn

    -Have homework and classwork and materials out and ready

    -Take all materials needed


    -Dispose of anything you do not consume

    -Bring appropriate money or bagged lunch


    -Keep your book bag under your seat


    -Speak courteously


    -Be on time

    -Allow yourself enough time to take care of your needs during class change


    -Walk on the correct sides of the walkway

    -Keep cool


    -Make safe choices


    -Exit in orderly fashion


    -Challenge yourself/work to the best of your ability

    -Start working immediately

    -Report any problems

    -Report any problems


    -Be quick and quiet


    -Eat healthy

    -Report any problems

    -Report any problems


    -Exit at correct stop


    -Use your bus time as study time

    -Report any problems


    -Know your surroundings


    -Use encouraging, polite an kind words



    -Report any problems


    -Be a leader


    -Avoid horseplay