Nurse Denise Campbell     Denise H. Campbell RN, BSN, NCSN                 CSHP
                                                                         Office: 910-608-6495
                                                                         Cell: 910-827-1457
                                                                         Email: denise.campbell@robeson.k12.nc.us 

     I have been a school nurse with the Public Schools of Robeson County since August 2001. I obtained National Certification for School Nursing soon after my employment.  I have served the majority of my time at Prospect Elementary.  My schedule does however change at times due to scheduled meetings, conferences, and collaboration with other nurses at their schools. You will find a schedule at my door or by calling the main school number.

     As your school nurse, I am committed to giving your child(ren) the best possible medical attention available on campus.  School nurses are charged to do a variety of duties on a daily basis.   Although medical emergencies will take priority over all other duties, first aid isn't our only duty.   It is a small piece of the ever changing scene in the nurses office.  There are daily medications to be given for a variety of needs and illnesses. Care plans must be created and implemented based on each individual student's need and health condition. Children who have chronic health conditions may need a care plan  (evaluated and parent contact made to determine what their plan of care will be.) Providing all children with a safe, productive, & least restrictive environment is of great importance. Immunization compliance is of great importance also. All students must have proper and up to date immunization records for the protection of all students. Also there are classes to be taught for various grade levels covering many health conditions and/or wellness pieces. Theduties listed here are not all inclusive.

    Parents thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child's educational