•  Welcome to 7th grade Mathematics!  

    Sharpened Pencils  

    For Informations & Updates please continue to check the "Updates for while we are out" page & your google classroom.



    Remote Learning Expectations & Rules 


    Be Prepared 
    • Sign into the google classroom everyday.  
    • Complete your assignments in a timely manner.
    • When you join a Google Meet, be on time and have the assignments from the last week to look at as we go over them. 


    Be Respectful 

    • Do not post things that are not class related on discussions.   
    • When the teacher is talking, you should be paying attention & listening.  
    • Do not interrupt. Use the Chat box if you have a question.   
    • Mute your device during the meets if there is background noise around you.  
    • Use good manners.  Be polite - do not be rude or disrepectful to others.              


    Be Responsible

    • You are responsible for your own actions.  If you choose to behave inappropriately, you will face the appropriate consequences.
     Consequences for Misbehavior
    1. Redirection
    2. Parent Contact
    3. Referral to Student Support Staff
    4. Referral to Administration


    If students are getting to steps 1, 2, or 3 on a regular basis we will be setting up an independant google classroom or alternative remote learning plan.

    Thinking  math wordle