•  Welcome to 7th grade Mathematics!  

    Sharpened Pencils  

    Classroom Expectations & Rules 

    Be Prepared 
    • Bring all materials to class everyday.
    • Have your assignment completed before you arrive to class.
    • When you come into the classroom be seated in your assigned seat and ready to begin. 

    Be Respectful

    • Follow directions and procedures
    • When the teacher is talking, you should be paying attention and listening.
    • Do not interrupt.  Raise your hand if you have a question.
    • Do not leave your seat unless you have permission from the teacher.
    • Use good manners.  Be polite - do not be rude or discourteous.             

    Be Responsible

    • You are responsible for your own actions.  If you choose to behave inappropriately, you will face the appropriate consequences.
     Consequences for Misbehavior
    1. Verbal redirection
    2. Change of seat in classroom & Parent Note
    3. Sent to another classroom & Parent Contact
    4. Sent to another classroom & set up Parent Conference
    5. Referral to Administration

    If students are getting to steps 1, 2, or 3 on a regular bases we will be setting up a parent conference.

    Thinking  math wordle