• Hello, my name is Tammy Wilkerson, and I am the AIG teacher for Prospect and Orrum Middle for the school year of  2019-2020 . As always, I am very excited to serve your children this year!  Please contact me with questions or concerns at tammy.wilkerson@robeson.k12.nc.us   I am at Prospect Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
    We are making great strides to meet our growth this year, but you must be aware that my students are no longer cluster grouped.  Therefore, I have to pull them from some of their core classes which are not necessarily in their gifted area.  Thank you for understanding.
    It may be too late for now to apply for the 7th Grade Duke Tip Talent Search.  Sometimes the online registration had a longer deadline.  I am strongly encouraging my 4th -6th Graders to please participate in the Duke Tip Talent Search.  It offers many wonderful educational opportunities; however, participation is a requirement.
    Tammy Wilkerson
    Prospect Wildcats