• Hello, my name is Tammy Wilkerson and I am the AIG teacher for Prospect and Orrum Middle for the school year 2018/2019. As always, I am excited to serve your children!  Please contact me with questions or concerns at tammy.wilkerson@robeson.k12.nc.us.   
    I am at Orrum on Wednesday and Friday, and I work with 5th-8th grade Reading and Math AIG students.  Math classes are conducted on Friday and Reading classes are conducted on Wednesdays for all grade levels.  Every attempt has been made to service my students during their gifted area, core classes; however, due to scheduling, my students may miss some other classes than those in their identified area.  Math class has not been taken from my students. 
    7th Grade Duke Tip applications may still be processed if  completed online.  Paper submissions will no longer be accepted.  It is not too late for 4th-6th Grade Duke Tip Candidates to apply.  The deadline for those subissions is March.  However, I would advise parents and students to act quickly.
    Tammy Wilkerson