My name is Ms. Malinda McKoy (L.Gilbert Carroll Middle School's ) Art teacher. This is my fifth year at L.Gilbert Carroll Middle School. I have worked in the public school system for over 25 years.  I am really excited about being at L. Gilbert Carroll Middle and I look forward to teaching the students about the elements of art, principles of design, art history, various techniques and styles used in creating visual art.

    Art Supply List

    5th Grades: 1 sheet of foam board (white or black), and assorted sharpie markers

    4th Grade: Yarn (any color) and (3) pack black sharpie markers 

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    1.      Enter the classroom quietly.

    2.      Be seated and remain quiet until teacher gives instructions.

    3.      Be respectful at all times to the teacher and peers.

    4.      No candy, food, gum or drinks in the classroom.

    5.      Raise hand and wait to be recognized by the teacher.

    6.      Stay on task.

    7.      Complete ALL work in a timely manner.

    8.      Talking (very limited and it must be done quietly).

    9.      Be safe and use all "ART' materials correctly.

    10.  Clean up assigned area before leaving class.


    1.      Verbal warning

    2.      Student/Teacher Conference

    3.      Phone Call/Letter home

    4.      Office Referral