• Welcome to the JV Cheerleading Webpage 


    Dear Parents and Cheerleaders,


      With one season ending and preparation for a new Fall (2015) season underway thank you for you and your child's interest in the RSHS Cheer program.  I am extremely excited about helping your child expand their understanding of cheerleading!    The purpose of any cheerleading organization is to provide leadership for the student body, assert school spirit, and support athletic teams.   The mission of any coach should be to run a highly competitive program that is safe, fun, organized, and disciplined for our athletes.   As their coach, my first emphasis will be on skill development and participation while developing character and dependability.   I will work with your child to further develop their fundamental skills and hopefully we will have a lot of FUN learning together.  Sports physicals have been scheduled for May 18.  The mandatory pre-tryout parents meeting has been scheduled for that evening at 6pm, tentatively in the Media Center.  Tryout clinics are May 19 and 20 and tryouts are May 21.  The Chants & Cheer Practice tab will be updated, and Tryout out packets will be available containing clinic dates and times as well as the day and time of the pre-tryout parents meeting.


    Outlined below is important information and guidelines regarding the RSHS Cheer program.

    • It is important that your child make it to every practice as they will be learning new cheers on a regular basis.

    • Please make sure your child wears/has shorts/sweats (easy moving pants), t-shirts and tennis shoes to each practice. 

    • It is highly recommended that your player bring a water bottle or jug to practices and games. We are planning to conduct practices outdoors and do not have access to drinking fountains.

    • All participates are expected to be respectful of themselves, their peers, the coaches, and all those they interact with as they are looked upon as being independent, strong, and willing to work together as a team. They are a leader and people will look up to them.   They expect you to make the right decisions and do good things.

    • All student athletes must maintain academic eligibility as set forth by PSRC.

     Please find below the basic rules associated with cheerleading:

    • Be kind. There is no room for personal conflicts. Do not bring them to practice.
    • Warming Up is not optional --- you must participate in order to cheer.
    • Wear appropriate shoes with socks at all times.
    • Never build a stunt without the coach present.
    • Squad members and potential squad members only at each practice.
    • No talking between cheers.
    • Hair must be worn away from the face and off shoulders. No large plastic or metal hair decorations.
    • No jewelry of any kind. No long fingernails. No colored fingernail polish. No tight fitting clothing, or dress shoes
    • No gum, candy or soda during practice (Students should bring a water bottle or container of water to every practice to ensure hydration).
    • In order to be counted as attending, you must participate in all facets of practice.

    As a coach, I encourage and instill these qualities in every cheerleader: good sportsmanship, good manners, mature and responsible behavior, cooperative attitude, and awareness of fulfilling one's obligations. I will try to maintain close contact with you as parents, and will make you aware of decisions that are made in relation to your child or the squad in general.  Therefore, it is my intention to keep this Cheerleading Web-page up-to-date.


    Please talk with your child about these goals and expectations. I appreciate your support and of your children, and look forward to all of your children making this commitment to our squad.  And, please remember all athletes must have a physical and required paper work filled out and signed before tryout dates (all forms will be provided in the Tryout Packet or found on line for your convenience).