• Hello, 

    My name is Mrs. Carli Lowery, I am a 1st grade teacher here at Magnolia Elementary. This is my third year teaching 1st grade. I teach all subjects (math, reading, science, social studies and writing) here in 1st. We have 5 simple rules to follow. 1. Respect others and be polite. 2. Follow directions. 3. Raise your hand to speak. 4. Keep your area neat and clean. 5. Use quiet voices. We have 4 consequences. 1. Warning. 2. Time out. 3. Parent Contact. 4. Meeting with principal. Students will have the chance to earn PBIS stamps throughout the day. They get to spend these stamps every other Friday at the PBIS store. 

    Contact Information


    8:55-9:35  during resource or 3:00-3:15 everyday at 910-671-6070

    Schedule/Class Routine

    7:25-8:00 Breakfast/Bathroom/Morning Work

    8:00-8:05 Morning work check

    8:05-8:50 Phonics/Reading/carpet time

    8:55-9:35 Resource

    9:35-9:45 Bathroom/water break

    9:45-10:30 Reading/Writing/Centers

    10:35-11:20 Lunch/Recess/bathroom

    11:20-12:00 Centers

    12:00-1:00 Math/Centers

    1:00-1:10 Bathroom/Water break

    1:10-2:00 Math/Centers

    2:00-2:30 S.S/Science

    2:30-2:50 Review/clean up/pack up

    2:50 Start dismissal process


    Important websites

    mobymax.com/signin/lowery  (students know their passwords)



    Resource Schedule

    1st/2nd 9 weeks students have P.E.

    Our Policy 

    Vision- Magnolia Elementary school will be a compassionate, creative, collaborative team of students, parents, and staff who take the initiative to meet needs and to promote growth for all students.

    Mission-To support each child in becoming a literate, accomplished, responsible, and compassionate citizen.

    Belief Statement- T-Trust in yourself, R-Rigor, Relevance, and relationships, O-Open your mind to new ideas, J-Just do it, Attitude determines altitude, N-Nothing ventured nothing gained, S-Success comes from preparation.

    Grading Score

    I use the report card grade score. 1-4. 1-Needs strong improvement. 2-Working towards the goal. 3 Good job. 4. Excellent job and details.

    Please read every night with your child and ask them questions. Who are the Characters? Where is the Setting? Describe character Traits? What is the Problem? What was the Solution?

    Right now we are focusing on characters, setting, character traits. 

    We are using the nyengage for our common core for our reading and skills (phonics).