Revised April 2017


    ·      Students in grades 5-8 will be accepted into the Beta Club

    ·      Students will be accepted based on their final grades from the previous year

    ·      Students must have an A/B average

    ·      Students must also pass their reading, math, and science (6th grade) End of Grade Tests

    ·      Students will pay the admission dues

    ·      The dues will cover the Beta Club certificate, pin, admission, and T-shirt

    ·      Students must maintain an A/B average each nine weeks         

    ·      The first time students fall below an A/B average they will be placed on academic probation

    ·      If students do not improve their academic average, they will be removed from Beta Club

    ·      Students must maintain a clean record of discipline 

    The induction ceremony will be held at the beginning of the school year!
    If you have any questions please see Ms. Lowe