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    Email: sharon.strickland@robeson.k12.nc.us

    Degrees and Certifications:

    Respiratory Therapy
    BS in Science



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    Class: 1st HS II, 2nd HS I & 4th HTR Period





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                                        Google Voice Phone: ‪(919)307-6722  - Anytime

                                        Email: sharon.strickland@robeson.k12.nc.us - Anytime

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                                                                Monday & Thursday 9:00am-2:00pm

                                                                Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm

                        Students will have assignments posted daily E-Learning Information


    Mrs. Sharon Strickland, RCP

    Hello, My name is Sharon Strickland,  I am your Health Science teacher for the up and coming year.  I am also a Respiratory Therapist with a Bachelor's Degree in Science.  I have over 17 years of diverse healthcare experience.  I have worked in Cardiology, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, ICU, Medical-Surgical, Labor and Delivery, Rehab, Emergency Department and Home Care.  I lam looking forward to an exciting and adventurous year in the medical world and would like to commend each and everyone of you for choosing Health Science Education as a way to prepare for your future endeavors in health care.

    The medical field has numerous opportunities to offer as a career.  Not everyone in medicine is a doctor or a nurse.  There are many other careers which we will learn about through out the semester.  The things you learn in Health Science classes help lay the groundwork for a lifelong career in the medical field.  The subjects we study in class may put you a step ahead of others entering college.  Students completing the Health Science pathway can find immediate employment after high school graduation as a CNA.  

    During our time together students will see the importance that an education can have on their future in becoming an adult in the workforce.  I believe that all students and parents should become Lifelong Learners and supporters of education.  Parental involvement is the most significant part of every child's life for them become successful in his/her academic endeavors in life. I look forward to all the accomplishments every student in my Health Science classes will make this school year. 


    Sharon Strickland, RCP                                                                                                                                                                     Health Science Teacher - CTE