Willie Tolver: 15 Years of Leadership & Teaching Experience

    BS Degree: Liberty University
    Major: Business Administration Project Management

    I’m both humble and blessed to reside in beautiful North Carolina and driven by my own ambitions has enabled me to remain steadfast in life. I’m married, and as parents my wife and I have the responsibility of raising our 14 year old son. My family is a proud and loving body that thrives on togetherness. My Christian belief is what empowers me to be the best at what I do in life.

    My major is in Business Administration with special emphasis in project management. After 22 years of dedicated service in the military, and as a member of the Troop-to-Teacher Program, I have made a choice to retire from the military and become a High School Teacher. By continuing my education, I'm now able to better prepare myself for a future within the Robeson County School District. I have always wanted to become a teacher and with my knowledge, experience, and dedication, I know that I will be a vital access to the students and staff here at Purnell Swett High School.

    In closing, as a professional here at Purnell Sweet High School, the students that I will educate will leave my classroom with the needed life skills to become successful and better prepared for life choices and challenges that awaits them. I will instill a rigorous course curriculum that will enhance the knowledge and expectation of all students at Purnell Swett High School.     

    I have completed my first year at Purnell Swett High, I’m driven and committed towards being here for a very long time.


     Welcome to 9th - 12th Grade

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    Career Management &

    Principles of Business & Finance

    1st Period: Career Management (8:00-9:30)

    2nd Period: Principles of Business & Finance (9:37-11:07)

    3rd Period: Planning Period (11:28-1:22)

    4th Period: Career Management (1:30-3:00)

     Contact me at

    (910) 521-3253 or