Welcome to Class

  • Dear Parents and Students,
         Welcome to our 2nd grade website. In my classroom I set high expectations for all my students and expect them to work to their full potential.  For all our students to be successful we all need to dedicate ourselves (parents, students and teachers)  to help reach our individual yearly goals.
         Reading is a vital element of learning.  I require each child to read at least 20 minutes each night and to fill out their reading log.  Parents must be involved in the reading process to see the most improvement.  Your child should be reading out loud to you and at this time you can time your child on the number of words read per minute.  Your child should be reading fluently.  Reading fluently means reading smoothly not choppy.  By the end of the year your child should be reading 90 words per minute.  Library books are a good reading source. We also have a classroom library from which students may check out books.  However they become responsible for any book they lose (meaning they must pay for it if it is lost or damaged).
       A homework sheet will be sent weekly.  Please read this homework sheet with your child.  Homework should be done nightly.  If you choose to let your child do the work independently always review with them upon completion.  Homework is not busy work, but a reinforcement of our daily classwork mixed in with concepts they may have covered last year to see what they know/remember.
       Technology is used in our classroom.  We will use the websites iReady, Xtra Math and MobyMax, Prodigy, Freckle, Lalilo and Seesaw to help reinforce skills taught.
        I look forward to working with you and your child.  I know that with all of us working together your child will have a great school year and demonstrate success.  
    Team Work is the Dream Work!
    One Team One Dream!
    Deana Caulder