• Mrs. Bledsoe Duncan                                                                       
    8th Grade                                                                                                             ELA                                   

    St. Pauls Middle School 910-865-4070

    Mrs. Patrice Bledsoe-Duncan



    Welcome to “The World of Language Arts”. There is a lot of interesting information to learn this year. We will accomplish this by using a variety of techniques including, lots of writing and reading, discussions, and projects. Please remember this 8th grade class includes an End of the Grade Test and it will be very important to attend school regularly, participate, and to TRY!


    Please be sure to review the information below and in the student handbook.


    Language Arts focuses on the following instructional standards to ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a variety of skills and content: Literature, Reading Standards for Informational Text, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language.


    Required Classroom Materials/Supplies


    Loose leaf paper – wide rule

    2 composition notes for journal

    Glue Sticks

    Lots of writing utensils ei. Pens, pencils, or mechanical pencils.


    Contact Information

    I believe communication is an essential component for each student’s success. A conference can be set up via phone 910-865-4070 or you may email Patrice.Bledsoe@Robeson.k12.nc.us


    Expectations/ Procedures

    I expect for all students to be respectful and willing to learn. The information learned in this class will be beneficial to performing well on the EOG and upcoming year.



    School policy, expectations, and procedures will be discussed during the first week of class. ALL students are to adhere.


    Grading Criteria

    Specific grading percentages for this course will be sent home with students the first week of school.



    St. Pauls Middle School Grading Scale

    A = 100-90

    B = 89 – 80

    C = 79 - 70

    D = 69 - 60

    F = 59 and below