• Teacher Name:  Justin Tamburrino                                                                       
    Grade Level:  9th                                                                                                                                                    
    Classes: 1st Period - World History/ World History Honors, 2nd Period - World History, 3rd Period - World History Honors, 4th Period Planning (Best time to call)
    While we are out of school for the Corona Virus, I want to make myself avaliable to my students and their parents. I am accessible by my Google Voice phone (call and text) and email from 8am - 8pm everyday. 
    Email: justin.tamburrino@robeson.k12.nc.us
    Phone: 910-635-3241
    To access my Google Classroom classes, go to classroom.google.com and enter the code for your class. 
    1st- dqlqjjc
    2nd- 3r26wc7
    3rd - zdvtm67
    For E-learning, the assignments for the week will be posted by Monday. It will be your responsibility to complete these assignments by Friday. The assignments will contain a powerpoint, a video, and a primary source document. There will be questions associated with each element of the assignment.
     Grading Criteria/ 9 weeks:
    Tests - 35%
    Classwork/Homework - 35%
    Projects -  20%
    Quiz - 10%