• Mr Dial


    As assistant principal, I am thrilled to be a part of the Golden Tornado Family here at Fairmont High School! Our mission at FHS is to educate ALL students to their fullest potential. I will support this MISSION by holding the highest standards for all students. High expectations for student respect, responsibility, and integrity help create a positive learning environment where all students feel enthusiastic about their school experiences. It is our goal that each child will reach their greatest potential both academically and behaviorally, along with being fully prepared for success in college or in their career.

    I am a proud 3-time graduate from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2010 (Elementary Education) where I taught at Piney Grove Elementary for 8 years. My pursuit of higher education continued in 2014 where I earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. Having a burning desire to serve our students and staff at a greater scale led me to earning my master’s degree in School Administration (2017).

    During my tenure as a 5th grade teacher my colleagues voted me as teacher of the year for the 2017-2018 school year and became a Master Teacher for the Public Schools of Robeson County for the K-8 curriculum. Prior to these humbling accomplishments, I served as a Sands Hills Region S.T.E.M. representative for the Public Schools of Robeson County where I had the opportunity to collaborate with science educators throughout the state of North Carolina.

    Personally, I have been married to my superwoman, Tyler Dial for three years. She is an inspiring, phenomenal kindergarten teacher at Pembroke Elementary. We have two amazing, wonderfully made children; Jaylee and Tanner and live in the Prospect Community.

    - Justin P. Dial