• Welcome to East Robeson Primary's visual art class!

    My name is Mrs. Adams and I teach 30 art classes a week, Kindergarten through third grade. I follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study guidelines, focusing on the Elements of Art: Line, shape, color, texture, value, space and form.

    Students will explore a variety of media and tools to create original artwork.

    Please encourage your child to draw, paint, color, practice cutting paper with scissors, make things with modeling clay or play dough, or any art or craft project they might be interested in at home. This develops their unique imagination and their fine and gross motor skills. 



       Draw- A lost pirate treasure map, or a pirate ship

              - Your favorite stuffed animals

              - Three things that are red

              - Go outside and draw something from nature

              - A detailed drawing of your hand

       Build- A castle using Legos or blocks

              - A sculpture using found objects from your home or outdoors

              - Make stuff from clay or play dough

              - Curl, fold, tear, roll, cut and glue paper strips to make a sculpture of a robot

       Paint- A sunset

              - A super large ice cream cone

              - A portrait of a family member


    Stay creative and practice your drawing skills. Remember, YOU ARE THE ARTIST!


    Thank you for visiting my webpage!