•  Kiwanis Sponsored Terrific Kid Program:  Students who show improvement in academics, behavior in the classroom/bus, and peer relationships are recognized weekly.  They are given a certificate, a bumper sticker, a Burger King kid's meal card, a sticker and a pencil.  This program is possible through the support of the Kiwanis of Robeson County.


    Dairy Queen:  Each bus driver selects a student each week to receive a bus award sponsored by Dairy Queen.   The students have to display good behavior on the bus in order to be chosen for this award.  Dairy Queen rewards the students with a certificate, a pencil, and a food coupon.


    Volunteer Program:  Volunteers serve the school throughout the year in different capacities.  They are recognized and given certificates at a Volunteer's Luncheon at the end of the school year


    Children's Bible Ministries:  The Children's Bible Ministries visits the school once each month.  The students who have signed parental consent attend a thirty-minute session in the C.B.M. mobile unit.


    Fire Department Program:  The Raynham Fire Department visits the school during Fire Prevention Week to give lectures and demonstrations to each classroom.


    Kiwanis for the Second Grade:  Kiwanis across Robeson County have adopted second grade classes for their reading project.  Each year in March a member from the Fairmont Kiwanis comes to Green Grove to read stories to the students and each child is presented a book of their own.


    Career Day:  Career Day is held in the spring each year.  It provides an opportunity for the students to gain an awareness of the interrelationship of work and learning; and to explore various careers.