• Parent Night:  Third grade parents are invited to visit their child's classroom.  The teachers conduct a mini-lesson on sample reading and math questions similar to the ones on the EOG test.  The parents are treated to a pizza supper provided by the school.


     Spring Fling:  The PTA sponsors a Spring Fling in April.  Parents and friends are invited to visit the school for a fun event featuring the school king and queen and their court, performances by each classroom, and a food court.


    Harvest Festival:  The PTA sponsors a harvest Festival in November.  Parents and friends are invited to school for an exciting evening of games and activities, a visit the general store, and to have dinner.


    PTA/Open House Programs:  On PTA/Open House night, members discuss projects and upcoming events.  A short grade level program is provided at each meeting.   Parents are invited to visit their child/children's classrooms after the program.


    Grandparent's Day:  In September all grandparents are invited to visit the school and their grandchild/grandchildren's classrooms.  They also have lunch with their grandchildren.


    Dad's Brunch/Donuts for Mom:  Two special events are held for our parents during the year.  The dads, granddads, or uncles are invited to a Dad's Brunch in October; and the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other special relatives are invited to donuts for Moms in May.