•                                                                                   JOSEPH DREWERY 


                            Physical Ed... K-5th 

                                                                                                               Health.... 6th-8th 

    My goal as a health/P.E teacher is to educated the students about their health,so they can make wise and healthy choices 


     Units that will be discussed in class :


    Physical health 

    • organ systems and various body systems 
    • excercise and diet 
    • Tobacco and E- Cigarettes
    • drugs and alcohols' imapct on the body

    Mental Health 

    • Depression 
    • feelings 
    • stress

    Social Health 

    • bullying 
    • self esteem
    • meeting and talking to new people 

    Community Health 

    • how your eniviorment can imapct your health 
    • polluation