• Primetime Program

    The Primetime Program is a service provided by the Public Schools of Robeson County for parents with school-age children who are enrolled in kindergarten (5years of age) through 8th grade. This program is designed to provide a safe supervised environment that acts as a transition period between the regular school day and the home. The program includes recreation indoors and outdoors, a variety of activities, and quiet time for homework. A snack is served in the afternoon to all children that attend this program. For a child to be enrolled in the program, parent must complete an application which may be picked up in the school office or Community Services Department. Fees are charged for Prime Time care.

    Children that attend the afternoon program are not charged for morning care. Hours may vary for the program at different schools, with after school care beginning at the end of the normal school day. The program operates only during the normal school schedule. The Primetime Program will begin the first day of school and continues to the end of the school year.

    For more information, contact East Robeson Primary at (910) 671-6055.